Interviewing other soldiers, Davenport learns that Waters charged C.J. An African-American officer investigates a murder in a racially charged situation in World War II. A Soldier's Story was shot entirely in Arkansas. was charged with striking a superior officer. Memphis. From Washington, a black army captain is sent by the army lawyer to investigate the murder case. The investigation begins, white pirates are commanding Negroes, the investigation is started by the army captain and question is that is committed to the crime. An initial investigation concludes that the sergeant may have been killed by racists. The whites want the problem to go away; some of the blacks blame the Klan.

The Waters has become a target of a Willkie’s annoyance because he demotes the military for drunkenness. He is filled with the sense of self-hate, he wants black men to behave according to him and they do not act the way he thinks that they should. He begins by talking to the sergeant's men and learns the man was not liked by his men because he rode them very hard especially a guy named C.J.

Menu. The film holds a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from a sample of 20 critics. A tough black army attorney is brought in to find out the truth. | James Wilkie, a fellow sergeant Waters demoted for being drunk on duty, initially describes Waters as a strict disciplinarian, but also a fair, good-natured NCO who got on well with the men, especially the jovial and well-liked C.J. So was the sergeant killed by racists or did one of his men do it? The white people of the area are suspected at first. Davenport behaves in a cool manner and shows that he is not serious to resolve the case. Is There’s A Link Between Obesity and Cancer. And at one of these bases a black sergeant was returning to the base after going to a bar, is shot. Nivens gives Davenport three days to conduct his investigation. The baseball sequence was filmed in Little Rock at the historic Lamar Porter Field.[4]. Waters had divulged his internalized racism to Wilkie, revealing that during World War I, he helped lynch a black soldier who acted as an Uncle Tom to French civilians. The movie starts with the murder of a black sergeant; he is killed or murdered in an army base in Louisiana in 1944. It won the Golden Prize at the 14th Moscow International Film Festival. "A Soldier's Story" is one of those movies that's about less than you might think. "No one really wanted to make this movie... a black story, it was based on World War II, and those themes were not popular at the box office", according to Jewison. 's bunk. is suffering from intense claustrophobia and tells Cobb of a visit from Waters, who admitted it was a set-up Waters had done to others. It won the New York Drama Critics Award, the Outer Critics Circle Award, the Theater Club Award, and three Village Voice Obie Awards. He became very enthused about the project and later helped by providing the Arkansas Army National Guard in full regalia for a grand scene, since Jewison could not afford to pay an army of extras. Davenport learns that white officers Captain Wilcox and Lieutenant Byrd had an altercation with Waters shortly before his death. with the murder of a white MP, after a search conducted by Wilkie turned up a recently discharged pistol under C.J. Waters provoked C.J. Washington, sends a Captain who is a lawyer to investigate and the man is black. The movie is about the murder mystery, that who did the murder. | Davenport assures Taylor that he will get used to it – "You can bet your ass on that," he adds, as the platoon marches in preparation for their deployment to the European theatre. It is a story about racism in a segregated regiment of the U.S Army commanded by white officers and training in the Jim Crow South, in a time and place where a black officer is unprecedented and bitter… Davenport questions Willkie once more that the demoted private is forced to admit the on Water’s order he planted the gun. The film was first shown at the Toronto International Film Festival. Taglines Taylor congratulates Davenport, admitting that he will have to get used to Negroes being in charge. The murder become a mystery, however, the plot of the movie s resolves around the dead man the Sergeant Water, he is lightening, he always believes that black always behave in a way to impress whites and white should get the praise for their race. It was written by Charles fuller. Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing A Soldier's Story near you. The "Tynin" exterior scenes were shot in three days in Clarendon. Starring is Howard E Rollins as a Captain Richard Davenport a black officer and Jr. Adolph Caesar play a role of army Sergeant Water.

There are series of interviews conducted by Captain Davenport; Davenport realizes that the assignment given to him is more difficult than he thought because the racial tension was there, he is ordered that case needs to be resolved quickly. Synopsis

Realizing Peterson and Smalls were on guard duty the night of Waters' murder, and thus had been issued .45 ammunition for their pistols, Davenport interrogates Smalls, found by the MPs. We find out a bit more about the dead soldier in flashbacks - and that he was unpopular. Bill Clinton (then Governor of Arkansas) dropped by during the shooting. A Soldier’s Play is set on an Army base at Fort Neal, Louisiana, in 1944, near the end of World War II. Private Peterson reveals he stood up to Waters when he berated the men after a winning game.

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