I am an American and can speak for Russians and Russian technology as I have study Russian history British and American history at Oxford University.

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They felt they had to decry them with propaganda, afterall, no one will admit that the enemy has Anything better than us…[Except Napoleon who said, “Know (understand and admit all about) your enemy”.]. I just want that everybody distinguish Russia from the Soviet Union. – Behind the whole stealth tech is the Russian Petr Ufimtsef. Actuallu “chellenger” just blew up one day, and “Buran” still exists. Even the atom bomb could not have been finished without the help of TNT ( Nobel was the father of modern explosives ) dentonator caps, capacitors, cathode ray tubes (crt’s), etc, etc. This program was the most ambitious project of the history of the Soviet space conquest.

But their program failed one after another because their technology was only good enough for comparison use. A shuttle that takes a crew of 5 people to operate where the Russia space shuttle can fly unmanned and also dismantle its wings in space and attaching into the space station as a counterpart to the station. After thinking about that again, I was wondering if that was even true. this proves that american’s accepted the technology of Russians. . The gliding descent from the orbit through dense layers of atmosphere has stipulated the necessity to use a principally new reusable thermal protection system designed to sustain 100 flights.

The cold war and the space race is Over! If the money had been available, the BURAN would still be flying.

If either nation ( USA or Russia) have any vision, we would builr a REAL space station in the USA, and use the ENERGIA booster to get it into orbit. Russian version is more advanced like it has canard and the passenger seating capacity is more than Concorde. – the cutting lay-out pattern of thermoprotection tiles of Buran is optimal and longitudinal slits of tile belts are orthogonal to the flow line. russia was first in space russia was first on moon russia will be first on mars thats the truth. . Robbed some unlucky UFO, he-he.. . yeah yeah yeah, which shuttle had a long career? Some parts of the aluminium structure did melt during reentry. – Vladimir Zworykin is a father of television technology.

So let me repeat the propaganda I hear since my childhood days – it’s not worse than one you hear since your childhood days , In 2002 the Buran was in Sidney, on display: Missile and aircraft capacity of USSR was (and sufficiently still be) located in Ukraine. unlike the tile lined underbelly of the US Shuttle, buran had those glued on strips…..another main reason the Buran was never launched a second time. And by 2020 are ready to make its own version of the engine.

For those who say that the Buran wasn’t a copy of the US space shuttle, you can’t deny the similarities; it definitely wasn’t independent research. All these created extra payload problems which severely affected range and operational economics – resulting in the pre-mature retirement of the aircraft.

Everyone else just copies American stuff. Accumulated, the US is owned by Canada, EU, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and China. May I know where did Russians steal the technology of the first space ship in the world?

The Soviet Union (and now Russians) have a superior rocket and missle technology to the United States for at least 50 years. well, not YOU exactly, but, you know, an American, and that’s as good as if you had done it yourself. >Nothing ironic, just the fate of all wonderful and superior in this world.

Tu-144 of Russia may look like Concorde. There was nothing wonderful about that economically backward dictatorship.

Surprisingly, no one mentioned the Tu-160 which has a striking resemblance to the US B-1B, or MiG-23’s F-111 likeness. A clear ripoff of the American shuttle.

They had a strong military, I will grant you that. You see our problems with immigrations and corporations continuing to outsource for cheaper labor overseas because the US labor is too expensive, we can�t even afford to fix our immigration problems not just the borders but the internal problems. To make an aerodynamically flyable model is the easiest thing out there. i consider this to be stolen technology because the US scientists did not have a reactor and where headed down the same route the germans took, after seeing their results the americans took the other option. The USA was having huge problems with their propulsion systems in the 60’s untill they got Bill Pickering, a New Zealander, to help them with the basic concepts of rocketry fuels and propulsion. Russian missle technology and anti-ballistic missle technology continue to surpass US technology. but the technology inside is different.

>It has far more Nobel prizes for science, and much more important it has been far more successful in delivering technology to people than Russia. From practical standpoint they seldom succeed which I think should be the greatest and utmost objective. This modularity was made possible by the addition of auxiliary booster rocket from 4 to 8 all around the rocket, and by a more powerful and ecological liquid propellant (oxygen and hydrogen) instead of N2O4/UDMH as it is used on Proton launchers.

While the Concorde had its share of problems, the plane carried out passenger services successfully for over 25 years.

>The Germans, actually. Buran, which means “snowstorm” in Russian, flew one time. Buran only made one space flight (one orbit) instead of “a few” as you state. race. Soon the entire US will be owned by China. Keep up the good work – an excellent collection of photos of Buran. All technology is partly stolen and influenced by the doings of others work and others existing technologies. It could be a very successful project of Russian Space Exploration era in general, if the Soviet union lasted a little bit longer or if the modern Russian could find a way to fund it. I just find it interesting when Russia was in the down in the 90�s but they still preformed their space missions and building nuclear arsenals but now they regained their superpower status again officially when it is expensive to improve military capability and continue space flights, how did they do it? Truth is, they were scared of the Soviets advanced technology.

– 1st man in space China now supplies most of your manufactured goods now, and most of your new financing. My intention here is not to point out who has better engineers. In a similar fashion, the Buran space shuttle also failed dramatically in that it carried out one and only unmanned test mission. Saying Russian (or Soviet) engineers are better than their American counterparts is a useless comparison. In addition to being the designation for the whole Soviet/Russian reusable spacecraft project, Buran was also the name given to Orbiter K1, which completed one uncrewed spaceflight in 198… – the absence ot the main rocket engine on the orbital aeroplane. American english is not your own creation; Shall I go on or do you humbly admit to being shallow and uniformed? Unlike the western nations, [USA], who had to economicaly fund a class of bouergoise profit takers and suppliers and contractors; the soviets could, and did, put all the state funds they wanted to into whatever projects they desired to.

its absolutely wrong.

I can remember if kids could clomb on it but basically it was a gutted out hull. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einstein-Szil%C3%A1rd_letter. Space shuttle technology costs to US far more than “Progress” technology for russia. I am sickened to see the Billions being spent on ego satisfying space exploration.! May I know where did Russians steal the technology of the first space ship in the world? Their vision wasn’t to be better than their neighbors, but to better the lives of mankind through viable means of transportation and space research projects. The BURAN orbiter was the first reusable manned space vehicle in Russia. Hope you’re practicing your Mandarin. Some of that is due to the old adage “their Germans were better than our Germans” but men like Konstantin Tsiolkovskiy and Sergei Pavlovich Korolev existed before and independently of their German counterparts. Oh and by the way I do like Russian tech for it’s ability to do what is required and leave out all the bells and whistles. My intention here is not to point out who has better engineers. There are too much difference between some experimental data seized in faschist labs and practically fulfilled project. I just hope we never have a cold war again. That led to a lot of abandoned projects in Russia because they act on tip off of new American endevour without Having the kind of foundation America lays down before embaking on such project.

. . This new and outstanding fact in the space exploration was gained brilliantly by the science and the Soviet technology. Even though Russia is currently under problem as its doomed by US using gorbachev as a tool, but it will come up. Sharp angles of tiles are absent. as there is no gravitation in space the regular pen does not operate there. the engines are very much superior to concorde.

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