I know a lot of guys who were excited when they got their first "sir," and I kind of wish that distinguished term were gender-neutral. To be a lady meant that you were the property of another person. Pretty much everyone I know has abandoned it and it always makes me cringe when I hear it - like the person just doesn't get the loaded language. I seriously don't care whether someone refers to as a lady, a girl, lumps me in with the guys or greet me and others with a "hello, people".

That's just dumb.

It means you need to stop talking to him. No, it's not impolite. Would you laugh at people who have no friends? For me, it is because "ladies" used to address a group of women feels like patronizing language from male-dominated settings. ", I reserve my anger for people who actually. The only men that may call me that are ones older than myself. I work in a female-only office in a predominately male-oriented environment. People will carry all sorts of baggage around terms like lady. According to Kotzin, the practice is surprisingly common — many of her coevals and some older friends have been "young-lady-ed." ", meaning, don't climb a tree, don't RUN, don't yell; in other words, don't have any fun, because you are female, and that is all you are. Usually guys hide these things. Is it a certain generational thing for people in their 30s?

I don't really mind it though, it's just that it makes me feel older. I would not have been offended at all by your email, but I do think the word lady can be problematic because as said above it implies a set of behaviors that women are (or have been in the past) under pressure to enact in order to be considered feminine. :). theyre just trying to be polite when they do that. But part of it, too, is that "ma'am" makes me feel old. Below are some key features: After installation, you receive some funds to use it for make free calls. "Act like a lady! Similar Photos See All. thing. What does calling someone lady? I'm not sure that men's interactions with strangers are actually less unpleasant than mine, but I do prefer their terminology. Why do people succumb to peer pressure so easily. At 20 do i have the right to stay the night 15 mins away from home w a friend even if my parents say no? Like if a friend calls you lady? Huzzah!

They're the ones that have that pretentious turn of phrase and like to think they're way more cultured than they really are. debate. As for people rejecting your use of ladies,, some of those folks may have been transgender or genderqueer and they were objecting to being misgendered.

Not a good feeling at all. "Lady" gives me an icky feeling when it's used sincerely, because it seems to imply some kind of delicate-flower status that I don't think a modern woman necessarily embodies, even when she's a pretty delicate flower.

If you have to tell that person something urgent, ignore all rules- phone etiquette doesn't matter now. Girls seems condescending, and would you really ever say, "Hello women"? I am a man, and in my daily experience, ladies is used in social and professional circumstances commonly, especially between groups of female friends or teammates. Should I be concerned with what I saw on my 23 year old daughters pinterest account? Not me, though. But calling someone young isn't necessarily a compliment, and as Kotzin points out, "young lady" just sounds like an old-fashioned reprimand to a child.

I don't think I'm particularly lady-like (I wear pants, sit with my legs uncrossed, study science, don't go to church regularly). It made me feel weird, too, but also kind of cool! Help needed with tranlsating term referring to... Is using the phrase "that's retarded" offensive? I guess it just depends how mature the "girl" or "lady" is. Lv 5. Partly this has to do with the fact that when I'm interacting with strangers, I'm frequently wearing my errand-running uniform of military jacket, ratty jeans, and Chucks, and "ma'am" just seems kind of incongruous — it cries out for a pantsuit and some low-heeled pumps. Kotzin's piece made me realize that my attitude toward forms of address is actually pretty ageist. I would suggest learning more about the person before determining whether you should date him. Still, Kotzin has a legitimate point. Should I be concerned with what I saw on my 23 year old daughters pinterest account? They also provided us with pink princess folders for our hand-outs. That is why I cringe when our soccer team is called "ladies", even though people are saying it in a positive way and not thinking about the whole history of how women were (are) labeled and the expectations society has for females. Thinking it over a moment, I think most of my knee-jerk feeling of being irked when addressed as "ladies" either by a man or a woman is: I have addressed groups of all women as, varyingly, "hey, y'all," "hey, you guys, "hey, girls," "what up, bitches!" On one hand, it's a class thing, on another, it may have come across like a very different way of saying. Like if a friend calls you lady? Sometimes seemingly little things mean a lot, especially in language. "Hi all" or "Hi folks" works for me where "ladies" feels gacky for its implications of a particular kind of (weak, dainty, dependent and obligatory) femininity. Know how you feel - I was really tall and old-looking for my age at 14, and strangers started telling their kids not to 'annoy the lady' on the bus or wherever when I was that age.

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