The oceanic basin to the west of the Indian sub-continent which usually sees low-intensity cyclonic activity has suddenly turned into a hotspot of sorts, churning out severe cyclonic storms one after the other. Reasons for multiple cyclones in the Arabian Sea. Fahadh maintains that the State Disaster Management Authority are expecting more cyclonic storms to form in the Arabian Sea until December. This is usually known as the Fujiwhara effect - named after the Japanese Meteorologist Sakuhei Fujiwhara - when two nearby cyclone vortices orbit each other," Fahad adds. "The two seas are going through different climatic phases. The system, which was a Deep Depression in the East Central and adjoining Northern parts of the Arabian Sea has now become a Cyclonic storm centered at Lat. The hot air goes up and a low pressure forms. Warming of Arabian Sea, cooling of Bay of Bengal.

65.9°E in the Arabian Sea.

The most recent Cyclone Kyarr, was the first super cyclone with windspeed of 250 kmph to form in the Arabian Sea after a gap of 12 years. Anything above 27 degree centigrade is ideal for the formation of depressions which turn into cyclonic systems above the ocean. Interestingly, while the Arabian Sea warms up, the northern part of Bay of Bengal is witnessing a cooling phenomenon due to fresh water discharge from the melting Himalayan glaciers and other factors, according to Venu. Hikka at present is 400 km away from the Gujarat coast and 500 km from Pakistan and is currently moving west-northwestward. Officials of the India Meteorological Department (IMD) as well as climate experts are expecting more tropical cyclonic activity from the North Indian Ocean until December. The three cyclones formed were — Cyclones Pabuk, Fani, Bulbul. TNM spoke to two experts who believe that among other factors, the ongoing climate emergency, could be the reason for this abnormal activity in the Arabian Sea. Thereafter, the Cyclone will take a west southwest path as an anti Cyclone over the Arabian Peninsula will restrict its movement to that side. Four cyclones formed off the coast of India in the Arabian Sea – Vayu, Hikaa, Kyarr and Maha. 20.3°N and Long. According to one study, done on ITF state, "The volume, heat and freshwater carried by the ITF are known to impact the state of the Pacific and Indian Oceans and modulate regional climate variability through altering the regional air-sea exchange and precipitation patterns.". The Arabian Sea saw more cyclonic storms than the Bay of Bengal during 2019. Low pressure over south-central Maharashtra and south Konkan is likely to move over the Arabian Sea and intensify into a depression in the next 48 … Two big cyclonic systems forming at the same time could also influence each other's wind systems and lead to pushing and pulling.

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After undergoing through several intensifications, Cyclone Hikka has finally formed in the Arabian Sea. 2019 North Indian Ocean Cyclone season. GK, General Studies, Optional notes for UPSC, IAS, Banking, Civil Services. It is the principal agency responsible for meteorological observations, weather forecasting and seismology. Post-monsoon cyclones have been seen in Arabian Sea. Click here for Online Inquiry form to join Drishti IAS programmes, However in case of both the cyclones, the, While cyclones have always been more frequent in Bay of Bengal, they have been, Further, cyclones formed in the Bay of Bengal are stronger than those on the Arabian Sea side. To understand the frequent and severe tropical cyclones in the Arabian Sea today, one must go back 60-70 years in time and study the climate changes then, says Venu G Nair, a meteorologist at the Centre for Earth Research and Environment Management. 2019 recorded one of the most active cyclone seasons in the North Indian Ocean. 4 major cyclonic storms formed off the coast of India in the Arabian Sea – Vayu, Hikaa,Kyarr and Maha. While Vayu, Hikaa and Kyarr did not make landfall in India, the western coast from Kerala to Gujarat witnessed heavy rains and strong winds, affecting normal life in several areas. Tropical cyclones need a temperature of around 25-27 degree Celsius.

For this, we have set up warning systems and contingency measures to ensure that the fisherfolk don't venture into the sea and are shifted from the coasts to safe shelters," he added. The Bay of Bengal is usually susceptible to pre and post monsoon cyclonic storms. The, The Arabian Sea saw more cyclonic storms than the Bay of Bengal during 2019. Kyarr first Super Cyclone in Arabian Sea in 12 years For UPSC/SSC/SBI/RBI/IBPS/RAILWAYS/PCS/OAS. "Studies measuring the SST rise in the Indian Ocean shows that the water has warmed up to a depth of 2000 mts or 2 kms, from 200 mts recorded earlier," he says. Ltd.)641, 1st Floor, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Opp Signature View Apartment, New Delhi-110009, Please login or register to view note list, Please login or register to list article as bookmarked, Please login or register to make your note, Please login or register to list article as progressed, Copyright © 2018-2020 Drishti The Vision Foundation, India. Support our journalism by becoming a TNM Member - Click here. Post-monsoon cyclones have been seen in Arabian Sea. We have been making our own projections using American and European climatic models and are expecting more cyclonic storms until December. Talking about sea conditions, the wind shear is moderate with the sea surface temperature being warm between 29 to 30 degrees Celsius. The Bay of Bengal reported less than normal number of cyclones. "This is for sure a rare occurrence.

NASA satellite image of Super Cyclone Kyarr in the indian Ocean. The year 2019 has already seen four cyclones ranging from 'very severe cyclonic storm to super cyclone' developing in the Arabian Sea - a rather unusual phenomenon in the region which could be linked to global warming. The Bay of Bengal reported less than normal number of cyclones. A huge change occurred in the year 1976, when scientists across the world confirmed a sharp rise in temperature in the Pacific Ocean's equatorial region. Greater the temperature over sea, more powerful is cyclone. It began with Cyclone Vayu in June which was classified as a 'very severe cyclonic storm' by the IMD with wind speeds of 150 kmph. Hikka is likely to hit the Oman coast, south of Masirah, close to Duqm, which is a port and a refinery in the next 48 hours. A Tropical cyclone is an intense circular storm that originates over, A characteristic feature of tropical cyclones is the. So how did this affect the Indian sub-continent? Even though tropical cyclones are originated in the Arabian Sea, they generally do not reach a high intensity because of. ... Reasons for less cyclones originating in Arabian Sea compared to Bay of Bengal: Most of Indian coasts lie in tropical region. SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL FOR MORE RELATED UPSC VIDEOS. The Sea Surface Temperature or SST of the Pacific Ocean rose suddenly and affected the atmospheric dynamics and wind patterns across the planet, says Venu. Currently, Hikka is moving at a speed of 10 kmph packing wind speed of 90 kmph. However, pre-monsoon cyclones, such as Nisarga, have so far been rare. Four cyclones formed off the coast of India in the Arabian Sea – Vayu, Hikaa, Kyarr and Maha. But it is crucial  to understand the growing cyclone activity in the region. Both the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea experience cyclonic events, thanks to their proximity to the Indian Ocean, where cyclones are a common phenomenon. The year was identified as a 'climatic shift' by experts.

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