And Jenna has shared her Pam backstory. I wonder if you had some Kentopedia or Phil Shea info for us. But I remember I took down a big pot opposite you Jenna once and you lost your mind. JENNA FISCHER [00:44:13] He's going to change the location at the last minute, but then he's changes it back. Thank you so much for sending in your questions. Well, listen, after this, Angela, Pam has this talking head. Hashtag it, everyone. I don't, I don't. JENNA FISCHER [01:08:50] Here's what happens. His coach. You're like, all right. JENNA FISCHER [01:21:20] Jim. Right? And he says, "Give me a raise or no more sex". JENNA FISCHER [01:21:23] And he's like, "Oh, my gosh". And he had nunchucks and pepper spray. Was Mads Mikkelsen’s Dry Performance in ‘Doctor Strange’ His Fault? "I remember shooting this scene with you and feeling kind of emotional because I knew that your regular time on The Office was ending," Fischer said. You know how like when people are really uncomfortable, sometimes they smile? ANGELA KINSEY [00:02:58] Yay. Don't want it. JENNA FISCHER [00:03:11] And some of the stuff that he says that he found on Wikipedia is stuff like, you have to suddenly change the location or refuse to talk first. I looked him up, but he was in the movie "Election" with Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick. DAVID DENMAN [00:18:24] Probably not. JENNA FISCHER [01:01:28] And this made me think of the movie "Speed". Pam and Roy breakup for good in “The Negotiator.” This is because Roy tries to punch Jim in the office after he finds out Jim kissed her. Angela tells Dwight she's heard tales of bravery. JENNA FISCHER [01:24:08] Yeah, I think maybe Toby's next stop should be Creed's drawer. JENNA FISCHER [00:16:43] You guys would come back with photos and it was incredible. It's such an intimate moment. This is a fact within a fact.

I have to get it because Greg says everyone has to wear that". His agent called about the show, but all the parts except Roy were already cast. JENNA FISCHER [01:13:26] Yeah. JENNA FISCHER [01:01:09] I know. He says, "Thank you not necessary. JENNA FISCHER [00:59:05] Michael says, "I'm bringing Darryl". JENNA FISCHER [00:26:23] Well, David, thank you so much.

Go. I wasn't worried about that, but I hadn't ever been on a bike.

But I have. I think they do because I think, I love you, but you will play out the worst case scenario of every situation. JENNA FISCHER [01:25:44] Yes. It's a European cut. ANGELA KINSEY [01:16:51] I agree. ANGELA KINSEY [01:13:40] And I would go there.

Schrute grabs hairspray and a lighter". They started dating and they just kind of fell into this dynamic,” he explained. Was this because you had done a movie role over the summer and they wrote it into the plot? They all die. JENNA FISCHER [01:17:42] And that was, we'd been through a lot. JENNA FISCHER [01:04:12] Well, I don't need to rewatch those because I've seen them so many times. And Darryl makes a very compelling argument for why he deserves a raise. And I said, "OK". Then, the ladies deep dive on the art of negotiation, chat about Daryl’s negotiation strategy and Micheal’s “ladies clothes”. "And I was sitting right next to Greg.

JENNA FISCHER [00:12:21] Well, it's so funny because you, I mean, like knowing you, you're such like more of like an intellectual creative.

JENNA FISCHER [00:46:58] Well, first of all, I did a deep dive on pockets because it has bothered me for a long time. If you buy something through links on our site, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Do you have any stories from working with Craig or what that was like? But I'll save that for another episode. is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. ANGELA KINSEY [00:51:43] Hashtag, Jenna. It was a long night. California wildfires: Glass Fire forces evacuation of hospital, homes in Napa Valley, That Led Zeppelin Cover in the Hummer Commercial…. ANGELA KINSEY [00:59:23] "Big fella comes in about 11:30 at night, screaming Jim stole his car. I can't do this, right? On television, Denman is most widely known for the role of Roy Anderson, the ex-fiancé of Pam Beesly on the NBC sitcom The Office, for which he earned a SAG award as a member of the ensemble cast. '", Denman went on to share that Daniels said, "But it's not you.

So you guys would always be losing your mind by the time I showed up on set, you were like, "Ah! And Pam is like, "Oh, my gosh, it doesn't have any pockets". ANGELA KINSEY [00:05:00] Oh, my goodness, you guys. Do you still have yours? Look what they're paying you. ANGELA KINSEY [01:20:09] What a great nugget. JENNA FISCHER [01:25:58] We'll see you next time. Daniels gave the green light for Denman to start searching for other roles, which was huge for Denman, but he was still sad to be leaving the show. And, oh, this starts a whole thing. I don't know how many seasons it was at that point. Men do it all the time. Kinsey laughed.

And I have labeled this scene at 11 minutes, 15 seconds. ANGELA KINSEY [00:37:44] I have never thought about that. Well, we had some other people write in Mnet Yeji, Aaron W., Gustavo G., Brianna L. and Carly G., all asked, "How much choreography went into filming the opening scene when Roy tries to punch Jim. I want to watch Keira Knightley say "Mr. Darcy. You do it a lot in the series, but you really get to shine in this episode". You can't make any mistakes in negotiating, but he wore one. JENNA FISCHER [00:48:15] All right.

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