Our aim is to post all points of view, but we do not post anything that is profane, insulting, derogatory, or in poor taste. I can’t see it being Jana.

Too much pressure especially for people who don't know themselves and really haven't lived. If he’s not talking about it yet, it’s too soon to plan the wedding. It has been done for centuries and is still done today. Once the show airs please give your thoughts on, does she look like she didn't want to be on camera in the first place?

So there you have it. I think people fall back on that to justify their decisions and fulfilling their desires, while at the same time they can feel good about it. And one guy I dated drank a little too much alcohol, and I learned that I didn't like that. Couldn't really see her very well but there were a lot of speculations that it was Laura. I agree I can’t see Nathan and Jana together. Yeah, I know they do, 10:44. :( Pouring salt in the wound, for sure. Not much else is known about Nathan's childhood. When family hurts we all hurt. Hope you and your special someone are blessed by God.

I am sure that God will bring the one that has been chosen each other soon. Smarter still to keep a possible wedding private and under wraps. That makes me sad that you think heartbreaks are healthy. Nathan is old enough, and hopefully wise enough to take it a bit slower this time around. Or maybe he's an actual human being and not a made-up character on a soap opera, and he's doing something for the good of his own heart and feelings.

There is no need to put such pressure on courting and it's 'rules'. Me too,but then again that's what up tv and tlc want us to think so millions tune in to find out and boost their ratings,oh well the suspense will be over on the 22nd of September. She just seems too mature and serious. Chaney also seemed sweet. It's astonishing that something like love and integrity can be interpreted as silly and immature. Or a female aviator in Arkansas. It seems like he "dated" her the way many young people date, I don't know why it needs to be called "courting.". Usually only girls would wear them, and would get them with their parents involved. You must have a very sad life. I also learned that I’m more resilient than I gave myself credit for.

As someone who struggled to find the right person and remained single for a long time and tried some dating, it was awful. It would also make things much more real to viewers. It's been a while, so maybe I'm not remembering right. It helps one grow up and develop sympathy and understanding for others who may experience different types of heartbreak in life. cut her out of the show. No drama, two 20 year Olds dated and now they broke up, that's it. He is absolutely over the moon. Men can be sentimental just like women, in fact, it’s a wonderful trait to have. I feel pretty certain that it's NOT Jana.

I don’t know about Nathan courting Jana...she’s 3.5 years older than him. :-). Plus, the fact that he is so secretive and the Bates are never secretive on their relationships. He followed his parents' rules, and the relationship did not work out, and Ashley is married to someone else. Anon 5:57, I really don't think anyone should marry if they've only seen their partner in a group setting! Another guy I dated didn't really believe in God, and I also had my questions, but after a year of dating, I matured and it became clearer to me that God was important in my life. So, the Bate’s brothers have a heart-to-heart soon and Nathan surprises his bro a bit. I’m sorry for Trace, but proud Chaney made the right decision for herself.

In my opinion, (while following their relationship) it seemed to me like these two were being pushed together by the parents and the show. I don’t thing it’s anybody’s business, but there’s. Nothing wrong with that! Out of the Bates guys I thought about Jana and Lawson at one point because Lawson is so darn handsome but unless it's an opposites attract thing I do think Nathan is a more natural fit for Jana. I don't see any of the Dugger/Bates kids getting together. IMO, we are all at the mercy of time, chance, and our own decision making.

Pressure like that causes pressure on the relationship! Then you can decide to go to the getting to know you better phase after getting that green light. So, yeah.. people WILL say all those things. Congrats to Nathan. They are too close & more like brother/sister friends. Happy to be celebrating 23 years of marriage.

it's too bad because this was I think the perfect one for Jana. Strange for a man to wear a promise ring. 2:18, I understand that God's will can be nebulous for some people, but throughout my adult life I have had specific guidance from God about each major decision. I think it is so sad that these kids have no say so in how their lives are so displayed to the public like it is. To these people, any opposite sex relationship holds a serious possibility to marry. A compromise like her face being blurred could be considered. I am thankful and grateful and relieved that I am happily married. . I'm sorry I have to dissapoint all of you who hoped it would be Jana. Now he has to make a breakup announcement. Just an observation. But if the Lord is leading you, it doesn't have to look like everyone else's expectations. The pressure for these crazy courtships, etc., from Kelly or UPTV, is too much. For Duggars JimBob makes a match, so these couples really stay together and marry because they are a good match. I’m sure pleased for Nathan no matter who she is. It's juvenile and silly to openly express commitment to purity and significance in a relationship? I’m sure Trace would of like for this to be a private matter, but had no choice in the matter with his parents choosing to display their kids lives in a public way. 1. Eric and Leslie Ludy are a couple who went through a process like that and wrote books about their experience. Why soon? Sorry to hear that the relationship ended.

There was nothing learned and nothing healthy.

It's just too coincidental otherwise.

While we aren’t told what Trace’s feelings were exactly, Im guessing their dating was of a fairly serious nature, because courtships usually are. Also Zacb and Nathan have both had "failed" courtships as well. Would you tell someone who just lost their best friend that it's ok because they can get another friend? Not really. What a terrible chance one takes in such a situation. God has reasons for humanity. Who talked about pain? @11:13But I do. It can be done. My guess is that financially it’s worthwhile for them to continue.

Break-ups are always hard. Pastor Tan put Nathan in touch with Blessing International, and Nathan, along with his brother Lawson and friend John-David Duggar, traveled to the Philippines to provide medical assistance to victims of the storm. It's not Jana and it's not Laura. Good for him keeping his relationship private for now! HahahaI don’t want to agree with you anon. The awkwardness of dating real; however, adding the pressure of marriage, after your first date? Seems like a big coincidence for both families to have secret relationships at the same time. Sending best wishes for his relationship. he's been spending a lot of time in arkansas working with john-david's company and jana is a part of that company! Some time prior to 2013, Nathan completed first responder training and began working as a volunteer fireman for the Medford Fire department. “And I guess it means that I’m promised to People should get married when they’re ready and sure about it.

If they cut her out of the show, they wouldn’t be showing the whole story. https://batesfamily.fandom.com/wiki/Nathan_Bates?oldid=1799. Now, her brother, Nathan Bates, maybe courting as well. Ledabeth. Happy Belated Birthday Trace and Jeb...Everything is going to be alright. In 2015, UpTV began airing a similar show, Bringing Up Bates. It does not protect you from heartache. I’m sure the girl he is promised to loves that he has the ring.

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