[6] Redl's treason is thought to have contributed to the defeats Austria-Hungary suffered in the early months of World War I, since the plans for the attack on Serbia were quite complete and could not easily have been changed in the time between Redl's suicide and the onset of the war.

2014 Foreign Language Oscar Breakdown, 02 December 2013 Alfred Redl (14 March 1864 – 25 May 1913) was an Austrian military officer who rose to head the Evidenzbureau, the They are very insightful essays on these subjects. And marvelous presence of Armin Mueller-Stahl as the Crown Prince - he supplies the role with a sense of royalty.Except for the cast, the film's strong point is the excellent use of visual effects, like locations, wardrobe and sets. The taxi driver took them to the hotel Klomser and during the ride there, they found a pen-knife sheath in the taxi. As a matter of fact when I move around territories which used to be part of Austria-Hungary that country was more successful country then are the countries that exist on its territory save may be Austria today. The film has an interesting (real) story to tell about the Austrian ruling class in the final days of the Austro-Hungarian empire, just before World War I. The plot, set in the period before World War I, follows the rise of Alfred Redl, an officer in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He became keen on Russian internal affairs and was soon directed to the Intelligence Bureau of the Austro-Hungarian General Staff, where he became in charge of the Russian sector in 1900. This is a stunning piece of work by a director of great insight and ability. In the political post-mortem one Hungarian newspaper noted that "the Redl affair cannot be seen as a private matter.

The famous mask ball in which Redl takes part clearly says for itself...As for performances, they are very good.

Redl is not an individual but a system.

Still, he was given a chance to prove himself, a chance for which he expressed eternal gratitude to Emperor Franz Joseph of Austro-Hungaria.

Alfred Redl’s treason without exaggeration cost the Austro-Hungarians the war, and subsequently its statehood, since the Empire dissolved into several different countries, after the Treaty of Saint Germain (which was the Austrian equivalent of the Treaty of Versaille). This Austro-Hungarian was born into a poor family in the town of Lviv, today’s Ukraine. One suspect envelope – a poste restante letter to be returned unclaimed – was found to contain a large sum of money as well as references to known espionage cover addresses. The story shows Emma's and Böbe's fight for survival, for keeping their position in society which they achieved with hard work in the previous regime. One suspect envelope — a poste restante letter to be returned unclaimed — was found to contain a large sum of money as well as references to known espionage cover addresses.[4]. They are so fantastic in describing how Austria-Hungary went from high to low in a short period of time. Check out our picks for family friendly movies movies that transcend all ages. It's important to mention the disturbing search at Victor Ullman's.A lot of thought provoking moments will draw your attention. In consultation with his Russian contacts, Redl identified several low-level agents as Russian spies, thereby protecting himself and enhancing his reputation for efficiency.

After the end of World War II, a famous German conductor is accused of loyalty to the Nazi regime.

This is a story that would remain obscure outside its home country.

While MEPHISTO was a story of an actor who desired appreciation and acceptance from the Nazis and, by means of compromise and adjustment, hoped to survive (being at the same time a very realistic insight into historical reality), OBERST REDL, based upon John Osborne's play "A Patriot for Me" is a story of a soldier devoted to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. On May 9, 1913, a duplicate letter with money was posted to the same cover name, "Nikon Nizetas".

This is the story of a life...a very unique insight into the main character's feelings and experience.

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