The Unconference is supported by IT St. Gallen Rockt, Connect to our community on To allow for a comparison of different months and stations a standard score is applied to these series. | Slack Project Description MeteoSwiss weather observations are available through the platform. Project Description MeteoSwiss weather observations are available through the platform. | Twitter The data set contains all weather stations of the SwissMetNet, the automatic monito... Current measurement values of Humidity, 10 min [%]. Data is updated every 10 minutes. 1: Report selection, 2: Station selection, 3: Parameter, 4: Time picker, 5: Time inverval, 6: Aggregation function, 6: Perspective (absolute or change by time), 7: Time lag when perspective = change, 8: Download button Figure 2: Example of a time series plot for two stations (Altdorf and Magadino) Technology MySQL DB R packages: data. It consists of 29 climate monitor... COSMO-2E comprises an ensemble of 21 slightly differing, but equally probable forecasts, calculated four times a day. Various studies on the economic benefits demonstrate that the added value of weather and climate data for authorities, industry and society is high – and likely to climb even higher in future. The Swiss National Basic Climatological Network (Swiss NBCN) connects the major ground-based stations within the MeteoSwiss monitoring network. A change in this selector triggers an update of the whole UI, filling in the report selections. A leaflet map provides an overview of current situtation, the colour scheme stands for the duration of the interruption. These parameters are temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind, sunshine duration, radiation, snow and pressure. Profound knowledge of statistical methods and software (MySQL/R/Shiny/Leaflet/Markdown), R packages: data.table, dplyr, purrr, RMariaDB, shiny, ggplot2. For a reference period (e. g. the climatological normal period … Project Description MeteoSwiss weather observations are available through the platform. Data is updated every 10 minutes. by, Projects with open data an integral part of their concept or business model, which were started at recent events and/or being currently pursued in the / Open Knowledge community. The data set contains all weather stations of the SwissMetNet, the automatic monitoring net... SwissMetNet, the automatic monitoring network of MeteoSwiss, comprises about 160 automatic monitoring stations. The real-time weather data of MeteoSwiss ground stations will now be published on the geo portal and will also be available as open data from summer 2018.

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