It's such a tough call. I don’t know why that is or what it means - if it means anything! Derick’s mom was also there based on a post to her Instagram. I have a compromised immune system and my parents are both cancer patients. In the fundie world, that's age for settling down male or female.

It makes me happy that she has been able to separate and live her life as an adult, while still enjoying time with me on occasion. Callie was their chaperone for that trip. Unless otherwise stated, photos courtesy of: UPtv,,,,, Zach and Whitney Bates, Alyssa and John Webster, Tori and Bobby Smith, Josie and Kelton Balka, Carlin and Evan Stewart, Trace Bates, Copyright © 2012-2016 Bates Family Blog. I want to touch in on Lawson and his goal to help the little girl get her heart surgery. Hopefully she's fundie or VERY conservative christian and not particularly well to do, so she thinks Nathan is husband material. (That is the situation we’re in with Denver Bontrager + Mystery Girl.) It could, but new courtships help ratings. While the bachelor gets Christians (even ppl who’ve said they won’t go all the way in the fantasy suite), can’t imagine anyone even close to fundie persuasion — bc they still have to be ok w women in short/revealing dresses, kissing, and you know giving away pieces of their heart since only 1 gets picked and talking about past occurrences of giving away pieces of the heart since they spend a lot of time talking about past relationships, what didn’t work for them etc.

Good sleuthing, anon! And how did he step away from his music for that long? The boys do odd jobs for various people, but other than Zach, they don't really have steady jobs. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. No drama or risk. And that in that hunting pic he said something about how this wasn't sport hunting but clearing a ranch of some animal that was a nuisance to the ranch. Some of the Duggar and Nathan Bates went to the Collingsworth family concert experience Worship Encounter. I doubt that UP approached the family. The ratings aren't great to begin with Kelly. I want to say congratulations on the new babies. hoping to get back on the every 6weeks rotation as i hate the bushy messy look i end up with when i don get it cut. You can post now and register later. Nathan doesn't strike me as a particularly nice guy. But with the context of the plane photo Nathan makes more sense. × Idk if this guy at my church is an altar boy or a seminarian, but he absolutely looks like Nathan Bates, and it’s wild.

I suppose it could Hannah Wissman or even some other girl, but Esther seems to be the most likely contender to me. The girls had ways to make money, and the sons-in-law tend to be able to support their wives. Hi Ellie,Do you have any updates about Michael and the nursing program she's probably finishing up soon?

I have family in eastern Tennessee, and their experience is that most folks there aren’t taking precautions like wearing masks and social distancing. Crown College would be down a few students, as there would be no money for that.

I have been curling my hair to avoid going to the stylist, but that only does so much. Is it maybe harder to find a girl who will live under the Bates family rules, and as the man of the household you’d be responsible for it? She's his phone screensaver. Genealogy profile for Nathan Bates Nathan Bates (1830 - 1893) - Genealogy Genealogy for Nathan Bates (1830 - 1893) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Brother of Annie Eliza Bates; Elizabeth Esther Bates; Charles Bates; Samuel Roffe Bates; Orpah Bates and 5 others; Naomi Ruth Bates; Mary Ann Bates; George Bates; Isaac Bates and William Bates « less. So Gil, Kelly Jo, and Lawson could be visiting the "friends' ranch" while seeing, for lack of a better word, poorer family. Let's be honest here it doesn't take that long to decided to if someone wants to be with you. Restore formatting, × Why is Lawson in Montana so much?

It's beyond strange to me.

Honeymoons would be stateside and not to resorts.

You know she's offended because someone dared criticize her precious Lawson. It’s clearly a picture of Esther doing ASL for “I love you” as the wallpaper on either his or Lawson’s phone, and Esther appears to have been raised fundie-lite based on her Facebook page. Bwaaahaahaa, no big deal? Powered by Invision Community.
A pic of the herd. Well good luck Esther Keyes whoever you are. Katie would be at David's Bridal. Some people are friends for years before deciding to date, nothing wrong with that. I don't want to pass them something accidentally. Upload or insert images from URL. I feel like it's his second or third trip there in a month or two.

The facts are that advertisers are paying your bills. we had Carson and Brooklyn, it was a little more work,” says Erin. They're, heaven forbid, TOUCHING! She says it's no big deal if they're canceled.

discussing next steps for their business.

But in my opinion, there are other ways he could have spoken about his experience with the coyote. From the preview for next week, it looks like Nathan is the one with a girlfriend. I've searched for any mention of Nathan Bates married and nothing turns up.

Powered by, Click Here to Visit Ellie's Personal Blog, And Here to Visit Her Blog about the Duggars, 'A Double Date and Something to Celebrate' Recap, 'Roaring Bates and Pending Due Dates' Recap. Re: Nathan Bates’s Relationship Status [ ICYMI… A few weeks back, on Bringing Up Bates (9–3–20), “Giving Thanks,” Nathan Bates confirmed he’s in some sort of relationship.

Bringing Up Bates "A Double Date and Something to Celebrate". But really, Joe and Josiah “only” work for JB and are married, Ben works for JB, and Lawson, Nathan and Trace all have jobs and/or ways that would allow them to provide.. I don't want to have to go through the process of having to tell someone new what I want. This trip was centered around Esther, a young girl whom he She is the wife of John Shrader. Someone live-streamed it. Press J to jump to the feed. What is going on with fundie guys that they’re getting married so much later? Could that be possible? For ancient emphasis.

I think it'll work out though -- if I'm looking at the right Esther Keyes on social media, she appears to have 6+ siblings, has older brothers who seem like cowboy hat toting mullet wearing loser types, and lives in the middle of nowhere Pa so likely she'll be ok in Rocky Top with a family of wannabe cowboy brothers in law and a rude husband. Nathan's suspected courtship/get to know you hint could be simply that he's desirous TO court. I’m calling it now, remember this on Thursday y’all bringing up bates bates nathan bates esther keyes fundies fundie courtship nathan bates is my pet fundie Here’s their forecast—, … and, here’s what the forecast would be if the April 12, 2020 date is actually their Pre–Courtship Start Date—, You know. It seems he got married (if so maybe he wanted his relationship/courting kept off camera because of how his first courtship went sour) if he's married I'm thrilled for him!! A pic of him with the gun. Then he could have written something about his experience living like a real cowboy in the west instead of the pretend stuff he thinks he does in Tennessee.

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