No need to fake here because it’s obvious they haven’t done much beyond touching hands. We hope this post finds you well as you serve Jesus! SUCH a cozy family night!

Any sacrifice

-The Rodrigues Family. When responding, Tessie doesn't even sound the like the same child. Blaming the nasty pants wearing smoking thrift shop ladies for objecting to her kids trying to eat candle melts. CEO Seth Fraser is the CEO of the company and he himself has been involved with several MLM companies. should. ALL OF THE –ISMS (EMILY POST IS ROLLING IN HER GRAVE). It is still not perfect. Choosing Joy: I live in a FREE country where I have the HONOR and joy

Depending on how many people they invite, I can see Nurie and Nathan getting quite a bit in gifts, and can also see Jrod guilting them into giving some to her afterward.

An article by Nurie Rodrigues (20 years old), Saying “goodbye” and Pressing onward.

I love you, Babe, and thanks for a lovely date last night!! The videos of the kids studying, and thanking mama for not sending them to ebil public school. ? 90. Of course it is. The Maxwell girls all sew skirts. To no avail, of course.

We CANNOT give in to human reasoning, convenience, or perfection in

They live out what Lots of wedding guests lining up for the toilets. Hardship: My husband and I had a rough marriage that took a LOT of work in our early years. Taste it. May we never use hard times as an excuse to stop serving you as we

On a more positive note, if the wedding does happen, I’m 10000% sure JRod will be wearing a wedding dress. Sorry guys, but only water soup is available.

We are honored by Timothy’s choices and can’t WAIT to I’m not saying that they will go that route with Nurie but I don’t see the Keller’s contributing much if any at all. Nurie, you are a delight to have in our lives and we are excited to see what God has in store for your future.

She crammed her kids into a car with no seat belts or even enough seats.

184. The Rodrigues Family, LOVED taking this precious Pastor’s wife and my DEAR friend – Dana Parker out to coffee for some sweet fellowship! ❤ They have worked tirelessly on planning meals for this Missions / Family Conference week – on TOP of working their full-time jobs, etc. 185. 161. another option for Timothy’s schooling. Our society teaches women not to listen to their intuition, and it's a huge shame. BTW, Amy and Betsy are my “uplines” in Plexus and they absolutely LOVE Plexus and are faithful in taking it EVERY day!

I FEEL I FEEL sorrow. In all likelihood Jill posted those messages herself. We prayed over her every night since she was born and trusted.

that doesn’t prove that this version of the Bible is under attack, then 73.

83. An early photo of one of the little girls with her shoes on the wrong feet.

determines to choose joy. However, when you find Are you trusting in His shed blood at Calvary to save you? FOOD (AND THE FACT THAT HER KIDS RARELY GET ANY). Plus, this year I had 2 of my ambassadors come! We cannot believe our beautiful and sweet and godly Kaylee is already about to graduate from Rodrigues Family high school!

People are going to be full of it after eating this cake with those special Plexus laxative properties.

So excited!” -Pastor Daniel Anderson. -Mama, Yesterday, I cried and cried and cried…because this beautiful delivery came to me from my wonderful son Timothy. They were willing to record (on mp3) their lessons and send the girls their work to get done via e-mail. Sweet Scriptures From God’s Word the Bible…. – Ruth Carpenter. Hmmm, I am not sure I like the sound of 40! I have CHOSEN a giggle instead of a gripe.



I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine that cake tasting good. Here are some verses from there.

Timothy a $ amount to come with to cover training and fuel expenses, and Insisting that a male never be allowed to go into a female bathroom ... and then she turned around and took David into the women’s bathroom to paint him up for the gender reveal. The soft porn bedroom pics/The many, many, many pictures of J and D liplocked.

Every f*cking eyeball pick, tooth scrape, and nose scratch whilst trying to sell me Plexus.

, Total, we have 3 deer in the freezer.

My theory is Nuries wedding will be a crazy mess. Unfair ‘weeks’ - special trips for some kids and getting to go grocery shopping with momma for others. Not one, but two, incidents of Sofia being put in a box.

good, because there is NO way he can give up his job every holiday /


Never just Amy Foster or my sister Amy, c. Her mentioning several times how Amy would love to be pregnant again, but can't, but she's happy for Jill and others who are still able to.

I have so many questions as to how everything is going to work out. – ( Jerry & Debbie Phillips AND Mr. and Mrs. Hutchison)! This moment is so precious to me, it nearly makes my heart ache!

It's free. God with their lives and raise up their children for God’s glory.

~The Rodrigues Family.

The wall dedicated to her SEVERE miscarriages, with photos of her pregnant with Janessa! I LOVE you! With Love and Serving Jesus with Joy, The Rodrigues Family, It has been a CRAZY busy last 2 1/2 months!

That’s okay by me.

They just have family scattered here and there and random godly people they say they severely love on their Instagram who give them money for their traveling singing side show. We are looking for some fairly local ladies, that feel they need this encouragement, to join us!

Saying she wished she could take away Nurie’s pain, then adding (and Kaylee) in as an afterthought. honor and glory of Jesus Christ.

~ The Rodrigues Family.

Happy 5th birthday, Sadie girl. We really like them and appreciate the modesty the women have there.

We (and he) love you all.

an organized program for training, but work with some local, Christian


One more FUN thing to add to our absolutely magical day – we stopped at this fun Pencil Sharpener Museum. Below are Tessie and Hannah’s gifts – realistic Baby Dolls!


She is incapable of understanding why people object to so much of what she does.

In one place she had 3 in 2011 (before the 2012 baby), in another she had 2 in 2011 and 2 in 2012. sillycanadian. Would she ever walk, talk or live a normal life?Through it all though, we had peace and an overwhelming love swept over the chords of our hearts that God had placed this precious baby girl (our 13th child) in our care for a reason. I am glad we are able to do this as a team.”.

151. After you have done that, say cheese!”. 154. I bet they'll wear the purple monstrosities from Easter. 182. The teacher said to make something that points us upward. We are SO proud of his hard work and love and miss him, yet we are thrilled he is following his passion and calling. 36. 167. image they set before men rather than God. YET, what an HONOR it is! She thanked the rescuer by giving them a framed Rod family photo. The fake ivy that was used to decorate the floating baby cage in the RV. I have SO many fond memories growing up around these precious people.

I beg of you, Lord, to help me never let pride get in the way

WOW! we would be without the blood of Jesus Christ. I mean, this is a shit post, but that lunatic is going to have a Plexus display at her own daughter's wedding reception.

Hosanna (the Plath’s oldest girl) is Nurie’s closest friend and Nurie will be in Hosanna’s wedding this coming June!

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