Strangly he didn't mind eating ramen (which had pork) in the original DBZ episode which Chiaotzu made. They eventually tried to search for Goku and Gohan while at the same time evading the Armored Squadron, eventually finding them in a collapsed cave. Seven years later, Goku is allowed to come back to earth for one day. Two days later, Oolong and the rest of the gang arrive at Fire Mountain. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! At night, Oolong attends a barbecue with his friends at Capsule Corporation.

Thinking that this means that Beerus will play rock, they tell Oolong to play paper. He attends the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament with his friends where he meets back up with Goku and meets Krillin as well. which Bulma uses to make him obey her and not try to leave. Yamcha believes that Beerus' motive for choosing Oolong is that he assumes that Oolong has hooves instead of hands, meaning he can only play scissors. Oolong joins Bulma for her birthday party. Main article: Golden Frieza SagaUnfortunately, Oolong is killed with most of the Earth's population when Frieza blew up the planet. Oolong and Yamcha play soccer, by Akira Toriyama. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound Other Media. Once Goku wakes up, Oolong gives Goku his pants since Goku's clothes were torn off in his transformation. While not much of a fighter, he was strong enough to kick a drunken Master Roshi in his MAX Power form when he attempted to fight Broly, though this was likely for comical effect and due in part to Roshi being caught off guard while drunk. In the film Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins, he is named Piggy and portrayed by Pang Sam.

Oolong appears at the 22nd World Tournament as a spectator to cheer on his friends. Soon after discovering the Dragon Balls have all gathered in one place, Oolong steals Bulma's Dragon Radar, and lures Gohan with him to the Tsumisumbri Mountains to verify their discovery and hopefully wish for another pair of panties.

The fact that Oolong is a pig wearing a Chinese Communist army uniform implies Akira Toriyama's message behind this character. Oolong is able to transform into a key, which they use to escape before witnessing Goku take out the remainder of the army and Staff Officer Black. special summon screen featuring Oolong as Bulma and Master Roshi in Dokkan Battle. Oolong is at the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament supporting his friends and later goes with Bulma and the others look for the Dragon Balls. In IC Carddass Dragon Ball, Oolong is playable in his Battle of Gods attire. Master Roshi puts the flames out, but for the price of allowing him to touch Bulma's breasts, which makes Bulma force Oolong to transform into her so Roshi can touch them. Main article: Universe 6 SagaOolong accompanies the other Z-Fighters to the Nameless Planet to spectate the Tournament of Destroyers. Three years later, Oolong stays at the Kame House with the others, waiting from news of their friends. Unfortunately for him, the young women were quite comfortable being stolen and living in wealth. They eventually regrouped with the Son family at the city, revealing that they had mixed up the dates of the show. Oolong takes it to far by completely exposing Bulma's breasts and allowing Roshi to put his face between them, which makes Bulma angry despite it not really being her. He and Roshi later aided Gohan, Future Trunks, and Krillin in bringing the Shamoan Slaves over to the area Paragus, Vegeta, Goku, and Broly were at to expose Vegeta of Paragus's deception, also witnessing Broly's transformation into the Legendary Super Saiyan. which depicts Oolong shapeshifted as Bulma (Bunny) performing the Puff-Puff gesture with Master Roshi based upon the infamous scene from the Emperor Pilaf Saga. He along with Master Roshi were lustfully scouring women on the beach, but Chi-Chi stops them for setting a bad example for the kids. Universal Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community.

A running gag in both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z is Oolong constantly being beaten up by Bulma during the World Martial Arts Tournaments due to her anxiety over the fighting (at one point, he tried to protect himself with a helmet).

Oolong must later take refuge from Majin Buu on Kami's lookout. to locate where Cell's going to broadcast his Cell Games. However, he does age a little in Dragon Ball GT. Later, Kame House is flooded with water due to the final transformation on Cell. If Tekka refuses, Pan will insist they help Peco catch the Thief regardless, causing Trunks to say girls are scary when events like this happen.

The gang is forced to team up with Yamcha and Puar, who've been following them from a distance for some time. He later ended up having his feet tickled by Roshi while asleep, also briefly waking up in agony after his foot was bitten by Roshi just as Broly attacked Goku, although otherwise sleeping through the fight. He went again and matched scissors the second time.

Afterwards, Oolong accompanies the others on the rest of their adventure as Goku defeats King Gurumes and Pansy uses Shenron to restore her land. He is a boss and a playable fighter in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (transformed into a bat, but changes into a rocket for his specials).

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