Dom asks his Dad for money to buy the same pair of trainers.

Bex is the leader of the West Ham United football firm, that travels up and down the country to fight other firms. A calling card has been placed on Bex's car saying "Congratulations, you have just met the Yeti" (the Yeti is a nickname for the Millwall firm leader). There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

The Firm is a British 2009 drama film based around football hooliganism written and directed by Nick Love.The film is a remake of the original 1989 version. | Fresh (17) When Dom decides he's had enough, he realizes how difficult it will be to leave the unpredictable Bex behind. It retells a similar story to the original, but it is told from a different character's point of view.

Dom later finds out where Bex works and goes to visit him. You mean a territory that isn't populated by geezers, gangsters and a string of 1980s club hits? Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. (1995) featuring Philip Davis. Dom accepts. nick love tackles football hooligism once again after the interesting football factory, and based on the 1988 tv movie of the same name starring gary oldman, taking a bit of a diferent aproach,as that charactor is still a focus,but mainly focusing ona young lad getting in with the gang, superb 80s setting, where bright coloured, tracksuits were the rage.

So, given the class, calibre and integrity of Clarke's output - and given Nick Love's - we haven't felt such a sinking feeling about a remake since Neil LaBute released The Wicker Man Mark II.

Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. So out go the quiffs and stripy yuppie shirts, and in come wedge-cuts and sportswear: a day-glo riot of Fila tracksuits, Adidas trainers, Pringle jumpers and Tacchini tops. All I know is that it's a brutal flick with maybe a message, maybe, who knows what they're really trying to teach and encourage. Dom sees this as his chance to get out for good.

A watchable, but disappointing, movie that brings nothing new to the serious topic it addresses. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! Centers on Dom, a young wannabe football casual who gets drawn into the charismatic but dangerous world of the firm's top boy, Bex. Bex's baseball bat-wielding Inter City Firm is just the flip side of an altogether more ruthless and democratically elected 'firm'. NR 1 hr 30 min Sep 18th, 2009 Drama Set in the 1980s, Dom is a teenager who finds himself drawn into the charismatic world of football 'casuals,influenced by the firm's top boy, Bex. Dom sees Tel who criticises his tracksuit, but Dom tells him that he is part of the West Ham firm now.
Cinemark We wish to apologise unreservedly to those affected. While it doesn't exactly break new ground thematically, this is Love's most accomplished film to date. Bex visits Dom at work and tells him to not make any plans for the weekend. andthe dresssenceis a major part of the story, bex the leader, being guy who sees it as a statement, dom sees this, a young lad being taken in and following his ways, a engageing story following doms rise and the crews dealings with a rival firm, all told nicely the80s faithfully recreated,and a superb 80s soundtrack, all actors give it there best,and, when violence urupts its engageing, not the most violent of the football hooligism films to come from the u.k,but for me overall one of the best. Adaptaion [edit | edit source]. The pitch fails, with Millwall and Portsmouth's top boys refusing to stand behind Bex in the national firm unless he and his firm can beat theirs in the upcoming meets.

This 10-digit number is your confirmation number. Dom is a normal young lad who hangs around with his mates, and one night they go to a nightclub, where his friend Tel walks into Bex. Naturally, they arrange a fight and some very well-choreographed fight scenes ensue before the dramatic finale.

They become acquaintances, visiting a sports shop where Bex purchases a pair of Adidas Munchen trainers. It retells a similar story to the original, but it is told from a different character's point of view.

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