During this period she was also managing and programming Berkeley Cinema Guild Theatres (one of the country's earliest repertoire cinemas despite being basically small rooms above a laundry), and was briefly married to avant-garde filmmaker James Broughton.
One unanticipated result was that Quinn married DeMille's daughter the following year; they appeared together in Phil Karlson's Black Gold (1947) and had five children. In It Should Happen to You, Holliday plays a struggling actress who soon wins fast fame as the product of promotion. By Cino Niles & Jeff Stafford
Awards His parents were involved in Pancho Villa's revolutionary struggle and must have made a striking couple since the father was half Irish and mother Mexican Indian. Director and comic star went on to make five more films: Irma la Douce (1963), The Fortune Cookie (1966), Avanti!

Viva Zapata! By Lang Thompson. Pauline Kael, who died September 3rd at the age of 82, was one of the handful of film critics who made a noticable impact on the way we view movies.

Kael's anti-intellectual streak came forward but since auteurism wasn't meant to be a genuinely rigorous theory (such attempts came later in the 70s) this was a sort of Brer Rabbit vs. tar baby fight that Kael could never win. At the age of 11 he won a sculpture award and shortly after began studying architecture under Frank Lloyd Wright. For the most part, Tin Man is a film about the prickly and difficult relationship between a deaf-aid therapist (Deana Jurgens) and a deaf man (Timothy Bottoms) who comes to be able to hear for the first time. All in the Family was an American version of the British sitcom Till Death Do Us Part that met some initial resistance (ABC rejected the first two pilots) but quickly captivated American audiences and became the country's top-rated TV show. Quinn was born April 21, 1915 in Mexico. Not many actors can boast that they've inspired a Bob Dylan song but Anthony Quinn - who passed away June 3rd at the age of 86 - was one of the select few. She still kept up with movies though, loving such smaller films as Vanya on 42nd Street and actors like Jim Carrey (who "has practically kept movies alive the past few years" she said in 1998).

He also occasionally played Helen Hunt's father on Mad About You.

(It also produced one of TV's oddest spinoffs in1994's 704 Hauser about a multi-racial family living in Archie Bunker's old house. Timothy Bottoms was at his best in this movie, not over or underplaying the role of the deaf man. It is earnestly told. FAQ Tin Man is a 1983 American drama film directed by John G. Thomas and starring Timothy Bottoms, John Phillip Law, Deana Jurgens, Troy Donahue, and Richard Stahl.[1]. But the film's honesty with the subject matter and an earnest performance by Bottoms the lead are enough to make up for this, plus the allusions to Kubrick's work in the film are delightful. (It also produced one of TV's oddest spinoffs in1994's 704 Hauser about a multi-racial family living in Archie Bunker's old house.

Lemmon plays her levelheaded boyfriend but finds himself on the sidelines when the suave and sophisticated Peter Lawford appears on the scene.

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